I’m Florian Gesell.

IT Consultant based in Augsburg, Germany.

I work as IT Consultant  at uniqbit AG in Augsburg.


As my studies suggest, I am mainly concerned with web programming and design. But I have also made photography and streaming into a real hobby for several years, which is close to my heart and in which I would like to invest as much time and work as possible. Since it is important to me to come into contact with people in all areas and to have fun and share my knowledge with others, you are welcome to take a look around here and contact me at any time!



Some time ago I started designing websites for friends and acquaintances. I quickly noticed how much fun I had to tinker with and refine my ideas until I was finally satisfied. For my work I use PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress and Elementor, all of which I have taught myself over the years. If you like my work and you or your friends are interested in it, I am always happy to receive inquiries!

UI/ UX Design

In my studies and my previous student job, I was able to gain a lot of experience in the field of developing user interfaces and improving the user experience of web applications. I would love to apply this knowledge to all kinds of projects. So far I have received a lot of positive feedback from customers and professors.

Backend Development

While I especially focus on frontend development, I also know my way around the backend. My preferred programming language is JavaScript using the framework ExpressJS. I have gathered experience in the backend framework by developing several projects that can be further examined in my portfolio.


I also really enjoy working in the field of graphic design, as I can give free reign to my creativity and developing and trying out various ideas and concepts. Most of the time I work on smaller projects for friends, colleagues or my own clubs and communities.

Content Creation

I have a lot of fun streaming, mainly because of the sporting aspect and teamplay but also because of your feedback, which is very important to me. Even if the everyday stress unfortunately gets out of hand too often, I try to stream for you as often as possible and look forward to every single viewer!


Work That Speaks for Itself

As I stated above, I design Websites for my friends and acquaintances. Here are a few I’ve been very proud of. These are mostly WordPress projects where I lay the groundstone with the drag and drop builder Elementor/ Enfold and then go in and use m skills in CSS and JS to customize the appearence to my needs.
If you are interested in more projects of mine, have a look at my Portfolio. There are many projects showcased where  I also show my graphicdesign and UI/ UX design.


Although you can write me through Xing or LinkedIn, or Instagram. It is probably better if you just shoot me a call or write an email to me. Otherwise you can also have a look at my contact form below.

Im happy to hear from you.
I will get back to you as soon as possible!